Feb 9, 2011

Google Android FAQ

Android Questions and Answers:
What is the Open Handset Alliance?
The OHA is a consortium of 30 technology and mobile companies that have joined hands to accelerate innovation in mobile technology and at the same time offer the end users a better, cost-effective and richer mobile experience.
What innovations the OHA members strive to achieve?
The OHA members have endeavoured to develop Android, the open source mobile platform consisting of an OS, web browser and key applications. Different companies have different contributions to make and roles to play. For instance, the software companies like Google are developing the requisite software, the hardware companies the chipsets and the mobile companies are ensuring compatible handsets for Android.
Why an open source platform would be beneficial to consumers?
Open source platform will ensure cheaper mobile handsets and services coupled with richer user experience in the form of a friendlier interface, cool applications and an enhanced browsing experience.
Why is open platform good for the mobile operators?
An open platform would foster faster innovation, multiple software versions, better customisation options, lower costs, which would bring down the overall service and handset costs while boosting sales.
Why is open platform good for developers?
Developers will be able innovate rapidly because they will have comprehensive API access to handset capabilities that are web-ready. They will experience increased productivity because they will have comprehensive and easy-to-use developer tools. And because open source offers a deeper understanding of the underlying mobile platform, they can better optimise their applications. Finally, the distribution and commercialisation of mobile apps will be less expensive and easier.
What is the Android G1 Phone?
The Android T-Mobile G1 phone is the world's first Android-powered mobile phone developed by HTC and T-Mobile.
Which Programming language is supported by Android?
Android uses the Java programming language and Eclipse IDE.
Are the Android apps first scrutinised by Google?
No the Android applications can be directly posted on the Android Market once you are registered as a developer after paying the $25 application fee.
How much revenue share does the developer get?
The developer gets 70% revenue generated from each Android application purchase while the rest is used for settlement charges. Google doesn't take a dime out of this.
Which is the Virtual Machine used to run the Android apps?
The VM used is called Dalvik, so named after the ancestral roots of its creator, as the story goes.

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