Feb 9, 2011

Top Android Games of 2008

Tetris: Need we say more? Coloured bricks keep falling at quicker and quicker speeds, which you try to vanish though your deft hand movements.
Bonsai Blast: If ever you get bored of Tetris try your skills at the addictive ball busting Bonsai Blast that is guaranteed to satisfy your entire bust a move cravings.
Pac-Man: Use the G1's cool touch screen and accelerometer to tilt your way away from the wicked chomping blobs.
City Slikkers: PoroCity Media the developers of this cool game were the first to use the G1's GPS for something other than just another social network application. This game uses GPS to team up with other players in the area. No wonder the developers reached the finals of the developers challenge.
Upcoming Android Games:
As Android gains increased popularity with numerous Android-powered mobiles slated to hit the market in the second half of 2009 the handheld gaming scenario is bound to hot up. We present five of the most promising and eagerly awaited Android games for 2009.

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