Feb 9, 2011

Top Android Applications

Elimatta: This cool Android App is a location based blogging tool that supports posting by individuals in the same geographic area, whereas outsiders can only review the blogs without adding their own. This could come handy to different users like fishermen who can notify other fishermen of fish shoals or boast about their day's catch.
Metosphere: This is a Android based web browser that allows you to view virtual objects around your physical location like messages, emergency, news, events, alerts, games, reviews.
TwitterDroid: It is an Android based Twitter client that lets you to share your twitters online and read what others have to tweet about. You can also use the sleek black Android theme for your TwitterDroid.
Parallel Kingdom: Did you think the Android lacked a GPS based game app for the avid gamers, then think again for Parallel Kingdom is one of the few GPS based role playing games built for the Android. The game uses the real world as the base for the real world giving users the option to attack, hug, dance or team up with anyone around them.
City Audioguides: Attempting to enliven your travelling experience the City Audioguide provides up to date detailed audio info on any historical place, popular tourist destination you are visiting.
KudoStar: KudoStar is a handy social networking Android based application that allows you to link and rate your contacts with your favourite locations and assign a positive or negative Kudo score to this combination. The data so compiled can then be spread across the social networking world by using Facebook's F8 or Google's open social platforms.
This is a small but not an exhaustive list of popular Android applications available on the online Android market. Rest assured come the second half of 2009 when we can witness launch of many Android based mobile phones and consequently a plethora of Android apps. Be ready to be spoilt for choice then.

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